2D Art & Animation

I started digital drawing for contests on the Puzzle Pirates game forums several years ago, and have since had my work featured in the game many times. I have also designed logos for various websites. When creating 2D art and animation, I mainly use Photoshop, Illustrator, Sumo, DoInk and Art Rage with my iPad, Wacom Bamboo tablet, or a mouse.

I am largely self-taught when it comes to 2D art, and I love learning new skills and experimenting with different techniques and styles. I also recently completed Certificate III in Media, where I learned to design concept art, make textures and create story boards. Some of my 2D art and animation is shown below. (Clicking an image will launch the image viewer).

Avatars and display pictures.
Some creatures.
Portrait background contest entry and portrait background for Puzzle Pirates.
Portrait backgrounds for Puzzle Pirates.
Portrait backgrounds for Puzzle Pirates.
Portrait background contest entry for Puzzle Pirates.

Some characters.
Emerald Kingdom fan art.
Shroom and lizardy creature.
Emerald Kingdom fan art.
Glitter angel.

~Adrielle =)